How often should we have our grease trap serviced?

Question:   How often should we have our grease trap serviced?

Answer:     It can vary quite a bit…

  • Grease Traps are serviced in varying time-tables depending upon the volume of waste production, trap capacity, kitchen habits, and the Wastewater Regulations that apply to you the business location.
  • Some Wastewater Districts require that you have your grease trap serviced every three months,  and more often if they deem necessary. Other Wastewater Districts allow you to schedule pumping service on an as-needed basis.
  • Some high volume businesses must have their grease trap pumped on a weekly basis,  while other businesses produce less waste and can safely schedule their Pump Services months apart.
  • What is consistent, is that regular servicing from a qualified, honest company is necessary to keep your equipment in proper working order and to avoid costly back-ups that can damage equipment and property, disrupt your business, and result in costly emergencies and Regulatory fines.

With decades of experience in the Pumping and Wastewater Industries, the seasoned professionals at All State Pumping & Consulting are always available to answer your questions, share helpful information, make recommendations and help you determine the most efficient Service Schedule to keep your operations running smoothly and ensure you are in compliance with Wastewater Regulations.

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